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Affiliates program

123date.me - Global online dating service

We help webmasters to launch own dating service (private label) with ready database of users from our network of site named 123Date.me. Integration is fast and easy and doesn't require your involvment in future. We take care of everything!

Global coverageGlobal coverage

Our dating network covers different countries so that users can always find someone in own city.

Stable incomeStable income

We try to build long term relations with our affiliates. It takes time to reach maximum profit from dating service.

quality100% quality

All photos and texts are manually reviewed by our team before they go online, so there is no risk you will ever see inappropriate content on your site.

Increasing traffic on your site

Our experience shows that after introducing the dating service, number of visitors returning to the main site is increasing. This happens because the users visit your website not only to read the familiar content, but also to use the dating service. Besides, users look through many questionnaires on the dating service, browse other profiles, check out many of our advanced features and spend quite a lot of time there. All of these factors can improve your website metrics which are also important for SEO and advertisers.

Banner Impressions

The dating service generates a lot of page view, that’s why banner impressions are an integral part of your website monetization. We share these impressions and ad spaces with our partners 50/50. Partners get access to the advertising spots on the HTML level.

Commissions for premium services

Our partners receive 40% of all payments collected from the dating site users for our premium services. Premium services include: subscription payments, raising and allocating profiles in the search, sending gifts and various other services, such as being "invisible" to others.

Advantage of a Global network

Because of the large number of partners and one integrated database there will be hundreds of thousands of profiles on your dating site, that’s why it will be a lot more useful for your customers. If you were to fill your own dating site base from the beginning to reach the same effect you could only do so with a high advertising budget that only the industry leaders can afford.

What do people need so much? – Dating Service! Keep in touch!

Nowadays everybody knows that to find a relationship looking for a partner is one of the major problems and it is rather relevant for a large number of internet users. Therefore it isn't important what your site profile is, whether it is an internet mass media site or a video site or a general direction portal or a local site, your clients need a dating service either way. Provide them with this kind of service through your website and we will take care for the quality of this service and all the rest.

Full White-label (Adaptation By Design)

We’ll try to do our best to make dating service become an integral part of your site. Dating will not differ from any other section of your website. You can also adjust your own counters and increase your website traffic.

Solution for population the initial database

Such services as the dating one require the initial base of users’ profiles so that new users will be able to find the site interesting. This creates insurmountable barriers to start and deprives owners from earning additional income. We solve this problem for you!

Full autopilot

After implementation you'll save your time and resources for maintenance of the board. We'll provide hosting, moderation, support, payments acceptance and further system development. Partners, making no efforts, get high-quality service being as good as the most popular analogues.

A simple integration

To set up our dating service on your website you only have to direct the subdomain to us (for example date.site.com) and to add the links and informers from the main website according to our instructions. It takes less than an hour.

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In partner’s dashboard you can see the entire statistics of your dating website including the registrations, clicks аnd all the finance-related parameters. We believe in transparency and honesty towards our partners.

Promo materials

We provide our partners with banners, informers and any other commercial materials that are required for a promotion of a dating website. Also, following the experience of the other partners we advise how to best implement them on the your website.

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Regular payments

Payments are usually made twice per month in a comfortable way for partners (PayPal, bank wire, webmoney and others). The minimum payout is $50.

Special terms for partners with high volumes of traffic

For cooperation we invite large portals and media-holdings, which can receive from us all the necessary materials and assistance in order to earn more from the same traffic.

Mobile optimized dating website

Visitors browsing the site from a mobile device can chose to view a simpler version of the site, which works fast on any mobile phone. At the same time it still has all the functionality of search, messages, gifts etc.

Simple interface

We’ve simplified the registration process to the maximum, including authorization through social networks. The registration form contains a minimum amount of fields and textareas, and we do not make any posts on the users’ wall without their authorization.

Simple interface

Our interface provides simple and convenient navigation for the users. We also have many older members, which we consider a sign of high quality of our services. We constantly test and improve our systems according to the needs and requirements of our users.

Worldwide reach

Our dating services have a global worldwide reach and the systems are able to recognize the user’s location and show him profiles according to his whereabouts. Additionally, in the manual mode the user can always switch to the correct region.

Large Photos and video profiles

We’ve intentionally build the site in a way that allows for videos and large pictures in member profiles. Additionally members can add their own video in their profile. All our member pictures go through a manual approval to ensure high quality.

Global integrated database

Our members appreciate that their profile can be seen throughout all our partner websites. This effect would not be possible on separate websites. This way the members are able to access more profiles and find a date faster.

Advanced search

An advanced search mechanism allows the users to quickly and conveniently search among hundreds of thousands of profiles using a wide variety of criteria, such as education, profession, interests etc.

Profile Bump

An opportunity to bump their profile in search results allows people to get noticed more.

Profile highlighting

A special paid service that allows members to make their profile more noticeable in the search results. Additionally the members can switch design to any one of the 20 variations. There is also a “meet today” option which shows a list of profiles of members looking to meet quickly.

Quality of service and personal safety

Personal information of members is safely protected. Special filters allow to easily block unwelcome and non-relevant messages. Manual checks of pictures, video and audio greetings, and texts assures the high quality of service.

New Profile updates

This is a free option to receive information about new profiles, according to user selected criteria directly to their email. It makes constantly searching for new profiles unnecessary.